How To Stop Smoking If You Drink A Lot

by Sally on March 18, 2010

Smoking and drinking often go hand in hand. People who drink a lot typically smoke, too. It’s not news that smoking and drinking are both bad for your health. People who drink often have a harder time giving up smoking partly because they may have an addictive personality. They also mentally link smoking and drinking together, so if they are drinking, they may feel naked without a cigarette in their hand as well.

It’s not impossible to give up smoking if you are a drinker. There are new products on the market that can assist you in quitting the habit once and for all. You may think you’ve tried everything, but you probably haven’t. There is a product out now called the E-cigarette. “E” stands for electronic. These cigarettes give you the taste of the nicotine you crave, but they contain no tobacco, so they are not harmful. You can smoke them while you are drinking, and you will feel like you are actually smoking. They produce a harmless water vapor that looks like smoke, and they even light up red on the end like a real cigarette does when you puff. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to quit smoking, but still enjoy the feel of a cigarette while they are drinking.

If you have tried the E-cigarette and it didn’t work for you, there are always other methods of quitting smoking. Many people claim to have lots of success with hypnotism. There are lots of people who would laugh at this idea, but it really works. The mind is a powerful thing, and it can be manipulated under hypnosis in such a way that you will never want a cigarette again. Hypnosis also works for people with other addictions like drinking and food addictions.

If you have success quitting smoking, you may also want to try to quit drinking as well. Being able to give up cigarettes for good will make you feel like you can be rid of all your addictions, and you will be a stronger person and a good example to others as a result of giving up things that are bad for you.

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Tips to Stop Smoking Start Here

by Sally on March 17, 2010

If you’re here, you are ready to stop smoking.  We have everything you need to stop smoking once and for all.  All you need is the willpower, some gumption, and a little bit of help from other people who are smoking or have already quit smoking before.

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