Prenant and smoking – how to stay off it

The most important fact that a pregnant woman should accept as real is that smoking can cause her to have a miscarriage or if carried to term, can cause complications in the baby’s physical and mental development. A tip to stop smoking that every pregnant woman should keep is a few signs saying things like,” Smoke mommy and I might not be born.” These signs can be put up on the refrigerator or even on the dresser mirror. They will probably cause the expectant mother to develop other problems that might require the expectant mother to plan her strategy to stay smoke free while pregnant.
Your most important part while pregnant is to keep your baby healthy. That includes not inflicting nicotene on your baby’s developing spinal column and brain. Once you accept your role as a budding new mother and allow your system’s natural processes to guide you, you will smop smoking, practice relaxation, and learn to eat healthy for two.
When faced with stress, you might fling your arms up at the uselessness of depriving yourself of a cigarette because no one else seems to care. These feelings are normal and the fact is that you care for your baby that needs a healthy environment to grow. Part of that healthy environment is, of course, nutrients. Plan your foods and make a time table for yourself when you can substitute a prepared food for a time when you used to smoke.
Some of these foods take time to prepare.
The fact is that a frozen treat while pregnant is desireable even more than a slice of chocolate cream pie. Prepare frozen treats made of applesauce, crushed pineapple, and fruit juices by putting them in paper cups with a stick in the center or in freezer trays. Eating one of these specially prepared for you treats is your time out for yourself to enjoy and to relax. Another favorite treat is to peel a ripe banana and cut it in half. Put a stick into the banana and dip it in yogurt and then in wheat germ or minced nuts. These treats will take your brain’s attention of the nicotene triggered impulse and substitute a calming, nutritious signal that will require it to handle your body’s factory properly and the smoking trigger will pass for a while.

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